Meet Hancee

Their due date was Oct. 14, 2014, but Minot couple Lynze and Jeff would meet their twin girls well before autumn.


What began as a routine check-up in August quickly escalated when an ultrasound detected fluid building up around one of the babies. Doctors determined that Lynze would need to deliver the girls as soon possible for their survival. Before they knew it, the couple was airlifted to Sanford Children’s in Fargo.


“We were scared, but trusted our doctor's decision to send us to Fargo,” says Jeff.  “So we went to Sanford Children’s and within an hour of arriving, Lynze was rushed in for an emergency C-section.”


That day, the couple welcomed their two daughters. Hancee was a typical preemie with issues that could be handled with time and treatment in the neonatal intensive care unit. Gabrielle, however, was born with more severe, life-limiting complications. Doctors focused on keeping her comfortable and stable enough to spend a few short months with her family before she passed away. 


“We are so grateful to the team at Sanford Children’s for the type of care they gave our girls,” Lynze said. “They were able to take care of our children when we couldn’t and we are so thankful for that.”


With the support of the Sanford Children's team, and donors like you, Hancee is healthy and strong today. She just celebrated her first birthday at home in Minot. 


Your generous gifts help provide the cutting-edge technology, equipment and expertise to save Hancee and the more than 480 other newborns in 2015. 


Thank you for helping us care for these precious babies when they need us most! 


To learn more about Sanford Health and how donations to the Sanford Health Foundation can make a difference, visit foundation.sanfordhealth.org or call (701) 234-6246.


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